Taste of Travel, Bay Area Travel Writers Taste of Travel Fall 2017

Bay Area Travel Writers publishes Taste of Travel Fall 2017

By Lee Daley and John Sundsmo

Taste of Travel News: Reading the Fall 2017, second publication, by the Bay Area Travel Writers Taste of Travel series once again puts me in the mood for a meal on the road. Titled Taste of Travel, Fall 2017 the anthology again features 32 culinary focused travel articles from Bankok to Beijing, Napa to Nayarit and points in between. The beautifully illustrated print copy sells for $18.40 but you can alternatively download a free pdf version– no strings attached. We’re proud to report that five Travel Examiner writers are again featured in the Taste of Travel, Fall 2017 anthology. Here are links and descriptions of the five articles.

Chef Patricia Quintana creations, Bay Area Travel Writers Taste of Travel Fall 2017
Chef Patricia Quintana creations

Chef Patricia Quintana at Festival Gourmet International Riviera Nayarit by Carol Canter:”The photo (shown) of these two accomplished Mexican chefs, Patricia Quintana and Alfredo Jimenez, captures the essence of the annual Festival Gourmet International—the synergy between an invited guest chef and a local host chef. Born and raised in Puerto Vallarta, Jimenez, executive chef at the Marival Residences and World Spa, is the “local” chef, albeit one with an impressive international resume that includes stints from Beverly Hills to Indonesia…” (Read the whole article at page 16 of the Taste of Travel, Fall 2017.)

dinner at Chez Didier, Moule au fou, Eclade, a specialty of the Charente region of France,French dining with friendship on mussels, La Rochelle, France
A table of friendship – one of many years – La Rochelle

Chez Didier by Stephanie Levin: “It’s never about food. It’s about the people who share your table, who invite you into the beautiful blessing of friendship, the profoundly social urge to share, a small mitzvah of psychological wellbeing. I didn’t fully grasp this concept until I moved to France, and even then my American habit of adamantly requiring advance notice in lieu of spontaneity caused culinary chaos in my new marriage. It’s not about the food; it’s the company, my husband reprimanded…” (Click here for the TravelExaminer article)

Angele riverfront bistro

Downtown Napa: Sipping and Savoring by Lee Daley: “If you haven’t visited downtown Napa for some time, you are in for quite a treat. The city is experiencing a thriving renaissance with an explosion of new restaurants, wine tasting rooms, nightlife and trendy shops. For good measure, add in the Napa River walk, outdoor sculptures, expanded walking and biking paths and you’re spoiled for choices…” (Click here for the Epicurean Destinations article).

A little shot of Poland in Bay Area Travel Writers Taste of Travel Fall 2017
Na zdrowie

Na zdrowie! A little shot of Poland by Wanda Hennig: “It’s blustery and raining in Krakow for my lunch date at Pod Baranem, reputedly the most popular restaurant among locals who want to indulge in upscale, seasonally inspired traditional Polish fare in the city’s vast medieval Old Town marketplace area. I’ve barely had time to settle in when waiter Mariusz Scetlak brings a small platter that includes a tapas-size serving of steak tartare. The restaurant prides itself on the freshness of ingredients. And except for some of the more “exotic” fish that come via a contact at a market in Berlin, everything is locally sourced…” (Read the whole article at page 48 of the Taste of Travel, Fall 2017.)

The Fire of Mount Etna, Antico Souvenir shop near the summit. This is where shop keeper, Enrico, offered samples of various olive oils.
Antico Souvenir near the summit of Mount Etna

The Fire of Mount Etna by Jacqueline Harmon Butler: “As I stood pondering the wares of the Antico Souvenir, near the summit of Mount Etna, a hand suddenly appeared in front of me, offering a small piece of bread smeared with a greenish-colored concoction. I looked up into the smiling face of the proprietor of the shop. “Signora, piacere,” he indicated for me to taste. I sniffed at the bread. It smelled heavenly. Then I slid my tongue over the paste. It tasted delicious. Happily, I popped the entire piece of bread into my mouth and smiled in appreciation. The proprietor pointed to a small jar among the selection of bottled spreads displayed in front of me. “Pesto al Pistacchio di Bronte,” he read from the label…”  (Click here for the TravelExaminer article)

Well done again, BATW…. Bon Voyage, Bon Appétit and Bon Journée.

Founded in 1984, the Bay Area Travel Writers, (BATW), is a not-for-profit association of professional travel journalists contributing stories to newspapers, magazines, broadcasts, blogs, videos, books, internet publications and travel industry publications. This 2017 publication and its free pdf  (13.1 Mb) adds to the curated collection of travel resources available at the BATW website. It joins the 2015 tribute to the 100 year anniversary of the National Park Service, entitled Travel Features & Photos: California’s National Parks, Monuments, Trails, Seashores and Historic Sites; and the 2014 volume entitled Clips and Pics, a 40 article anthology.

Taste of Travel, Fall 2017 is available for purchase as a print copy or as a free pdf download.   To learn more about Bay Area Travel Writers, visit www.batw.org.