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Lee Daley,  Travel Examiner, Editor

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lee Daley seeks out the world’s best luxury travel destinations, gourmet getaways and authentic travel experiences for her readers. Her widely published articles and photographs have won many awards.



John Sundsmo, Travel Examiner

A well traveled Ph.D. scientist, Patent Agent, business entrepreneur and award winning photographer, John Sundsmo has authored and edited scientific publications, patent applications and travel articles. Interests in history, science and culture bring a different focus to his travel writing and photography.

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Libor Pospisil, Travel Examiner

Libor is a freelance travel writer, currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area but originally from the Czech Republic. He is a statistician by training but his interests range from history to art, nature and hiking. His writing therefore weaves together travel experiences with landscapes and the history of a place.

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Carol Canter, Travel Examiner

Carol CanterCarol ‘s award-winning travel articles have made the off-beat and exotic accessible to readers for decades, on topics like Jazz Clubs in Tokyo, Barging in Burgundy, A Truffle in Dordogne and Bicycling the Canadian Rockies.  She reviewed children’s music for Parenting, delved into Health Care in Cuba for NurseWeek and covered the Hawaiian Islands extensively for both the consumer press and the travel trade during her tenure in paradise.

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Stephanie Levin, Travel Examiner

 Stephanie lives in San Francisco, a city that offers her a story on every corner, and she spends a goodly amount of time in France, her heartfelt home. She is tri-lingual, and thinks of herself as a holistic adventure traveler and sometime photographer. Whether exploring a village in Corsica, covering a concert in Quebec, hiking the Costa Rican rainforest, skiing or rafting in the Rocky Mountains, it’s the people as well as the sense of place that draws her. She’s written for numerous inflight magazines, (American Way, Southwest), newspapers, anthologies and websites as well as authoring two books. If you’re curious, you can find out more about her travels at www.steffelevin.com.






Deborah Grossman, Travel Examiner

Deborah Grossman, Travel ExaminerTravel, food and drink journalist, Deborah Grossman specializes in coverage of gastronomic food and beverage travel both locally and internationally. As a seasoned wine judge, her expertise has contributed to wine competitions in both Italy and Southwestern France. Also a poet, the multi-talented Deborah was honored as Poet Laureate of Pleasanton, California from 2009 through 2011


Monique Burns, Travel Examiner

Monique Burns

As a former Travel & Leisure Senior Editor, Monique brings exceptional insights to her travel stories and reports. She travels frequently to Europe, but can sometimes be found in such far-flung locales as India or Asia.

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David A. Laws, Travel Examiner

David photographs and writes about California Gardens, Silicon Valley and Steinbeck Country from his home on the Monterey Peninsula in California.

Wanda Hennig, Travel Examiner

South Africa resident, photojournalist and editor Wanda Hennig has worked on newspapers and magazines in South Africa and the San Francisco Bay Area. She is an award-winning travel and culinary travel writer and the author Cravings: A Zen-inspired memoir about sensual pleasures, freedom from dark places, and living and eating with abandon (Say Yes Press) — which was also travel-inspired.

Ashok Khanna, Travel Examiner

Ashok is an MBA/PhD World Bank Economist who became fascinated by other places and cultures at a young age by reading geography books. When he was seventeen, he got his first chance to travel from his home in India and has not stopped traveling since.  His first trip was by ship to East Africa for nine months, stopping in Aden, Genoa, and Gibraltar, allowing him to glimpse other cultures.  Easy and convenient student travel arrangements and long breaks from college facilitated explorations in Europe, from Norway in the North to Spain in the South, Greece in the East, and many countries in between.   Since 1985, when he joined the World Bank as a staff member and then as a consultant, he has worked in countries in Asia, Africa, East Europe, South America, and the Middle East.  In 1998, he began sporadically to write travelogues for friends.  These essays increased over time as he traveled more after retiring. His first book ”Ashoka the Visionary: Life, Legend and Legacy” was published by Bloomsbury in January 2020.

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Jacqueline Harmon Butler, Travel Examiner

Jacqueline is an international award winning writer and recipient of many press awards for her writing, including Italy’s prestigious “Golden Linchetto Prize” for best foreign journalist and the Lowell Thomas Gold Award for internet publications. In a variety of international publications and anthologies, her travel writing has tempted readers’ palates with mouth-watering meals leaving them salivating for more. Her books include “The 7th Edition of the Travel Writer’s Handbook,” Agate Publishing. Her published memoir, “Taking a Chance on Love,” chronicles her 20-year romance with a much younger Italian man. Her latest book, “One Last Trip to Paris” is about a 50-year-old woman who moves to Paris, France, to begin living the life she never had.  

Elaine Koerner, Guest Columnist

Elaine Koerner is a freelance journalist and former resident of London.  While living there, she wrote about everything from intelligent pigs in North Sea pipelines to a poke-in-the-drawers look at the London Underground Lost and Found office.  She currently is a part-time resident of Ceret, a medieval French village tucked into the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains and frequented by the likes of Picasso and his cohorts in the early 20th century.  During her last stay in her “‘l’il slice of heaven,” she noticed some new faces around town, the source of inspiration for her blog article.

Robert W. Bone, Guest Columnist

Robert W. Bone, author of "Fire Bone"

Travel writer Robert W. Bone lives in Walnut Creek, California, and is the author of “Fire Bone” as well as several respected guidebooks. More of his articles may be seen at www.robertbone.com . Sadely, Bob is no longer with us. After a distinguished career as a writer and travel writer, he has departed on his next great adventure in the ever-after. Safe travels Bob.


Karen Misuraca, Guest Columnist

As a veteran travel journalist, author and founder of Deep Culture Travel (www.deepculturetravel.com) Karen is a history maven and a locaphile.  Just like you, she seeks connections to people whose lifestyles and cultures are different than her own. As the activist, Miriam Beard, wrote: “Travel is more than the seeing of sights . . . it is a change . . . deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”

Judith Horstman, Guest Columnist

Judith Horstman is the award-winning author of seven books whose work has appeared in hundreds of publications worldwide.  She lives in Oakland, CA and travels as often and widely as she can.