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Cusco to Pisac in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Sacred Valley of the Inca, Chincero, Peru
Sacred Valley of the Inca

Story and Photos by John Sundsmo

In Cusco, Peru (elevation 11,152 ft.): As we walked into the hotel lobby, Javier, the manager, greeted us in excellent English, “how was your flight from Lima?” I answered, “Fine, just a few bumps and an amazing view as we landed.” “Yes, the valley is beautiful this time of year but a month ago everything was very green. The view from our rooftop garden is very good. Will you have some tea? We recommend a special tea to help with the altitude.” My wife asked, “what’s in it” thinking it might be caffeinated. “Just coca leaves to help with the altitude sickness.” My scientist brain was quickly thinking, how much cocaine might be in coca leaves and how it might affect me. “Sure, I’ll try it.”…..


Adventurous Pursuits in Coastal Peru

Peru Coast, Lima, Peru, Plaza Mayor
Lima Cathedral, Plaza Mayor (Photo: Yves Picq)

Story by Monique Burns

Ernest Hemingway came to the Peru Coast in 1956—partly to hunt black marlin, partly to oversee the filming of his monumental novel, The Old Man and the Sea. Sixty years after his visit, I, too, head to coastal Peru. None of my magazine articles have been optioned for Hollywood blockbusters.  Nor will I fish for black marlin—much as I’d like to.  But, make no mistake, I’m bound for adventure…

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