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Biking the Canadian Rockies

Riding the Rockies, Valley of the Ten Peaks, Banff, Alperta, CanadaStory by Carol Canter with photos by Jack Heyman.

“As we pass this stick around the group,” Kathryn Gardner intoned, holding aloft a small pine branch, “we’ll introduce ourselves and share our fears. Later in the trip, we’ll burn the stick and watch our fears go up in smoke.”  We had just finished dinner at Two Jack Lakeside Campground in Banff, 150 miles north of the Montana border in Alberta, Canada. It was the first evening of a six-day family bike trip through the Canadian Rockies, and already we had been riding since four o’clock that afternoon.



Summer tripping through the Canadian Rockies

Pyramid Mountain, Jasper National Park, Alberta, CanadaStory and Photos by Carol Canter.

With daylight in the Canadian Rockies extending until almost 11 pm at summer’s peak, visitors can pack in long days of wondrous activity. For who wants to sleep when there are lakes to canoe, rivers to raft, trails to hike, wildlife to view and mountains to climb, photograph, paint or simply contemplate. So when we checked into Overlander Mountain Lodge, a member of Charming Inns of Alberta just outside the entrance to Jasper National Park, the setting was so dazzling that we took a 10 pm hike before settling in for the night.




The Rocky Mountaineer from Banff to Vancouver

Rocky Mountaineer for riding the rails from Banff to Vancouver, BC, CanadaStory by Carol Canter with  photos by C. Canter and Jack Heyman

The train whistle blew, signaling the arrival of the sleek Rocky Mountaineer into Banff’s heritage railway station.  It was “All Aboard” by 9 a.m. and, within minutes of departure on the Rocky Mountaineer, we were raising glasses of champagne and peach juice to toast our two-day rail journey through the Canadian Rockies from Banff, elevation 4540 feet, down to Vancouver, at sea level.




The Lower Laurentians Canada

Lower Laurentians, Bases-Laurentides, Canada

Story and Photos by Stephanie Levin

Warning! This is not a quiz. But if you’re not from Canada, or your geographical antenna isn’t pointed toward Quebec, the Lower Laurentians might bypass your radar screen, and that would be too bad, particularly for the traveler who thrives on unassuming pristine landscapes, sporting adventures, family farms and wide-open spaces.

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