The Redwood Room, Clift Hotel, San Francisco, California

The Redwood Room in San Francisco

Review by Lee Daley

The Redwood Room, Clift Hotel, San Francisco, California
The Long Bar, Redwood Room

Welcome to the Redwood Room—an unforgettable San Francisco destination just steps away from downtown Union Square. Whether at the bar, crafted from an 800-year-old redwood tree. or seated in the extended seating area with its magnificent Klimt artwork display, you can expect superb service in an elegant and intimate setting. It’s almost a rite of passage for locals and visitors to take in the Redwood Room vibe with its soaring redwood walls, subdued Art Deco lighting, and welcoming servers.  On a recent Thursday evening visit, my spouse and I found vocalist and pianist Josh Gelfand holding court as he fielded musical requests from fans.

The Redwood Room, Clift Hotel, San Francisco, California
Josh Gelfand entertains patrons on a Thursday evening. (Photo by Lee Daley)

“We’ve got the night, Babe. Why don’t you stay?” Gelfand sang as our hostess escorted us past the pianist to our table.

The Redwood Room, Clift Hotel, San Francisco, California
Redwood Room mixologists are experts at their craft.

As the evening ensued, Gelfand’s ever-accommodating style flowed with the room’s mood. Phil Collins fans felt fulfilled. Ballads and upbeat requests were honored. Feeling the rapport, I savored the sounds while enjoying a glass of Moët & Chandon Rosé.

Speaking of which, the mixologists at the Redwood Room are true masters of their craft. Let them help choose one of their signature drinks for you, such as the “Mr. Clift.” This is a classic Manhattan made with Peerless Single Barrel Redwood Room Select Rye Whiskey, Carpano Antica, Angostura Bitters, and Cherry.

Elevated Bar Food is on tap too. A beautifully served cheese and charcuterie plate hit the spot while lighter bites such are marinated olives accompany select wines and drinks.

The Redwood Room, Clift Hotel, San Francisco, California
An assortment of elevated Bar food is on the Redwood Room menu. (Photo by John Sundsmo).
The Redwood Room, Clift Hotel, San Francisco, California
Art Deco lighting adds to the Redwood Room’s romantic ambiance.

Once relaxed like me, you may start to really take in the room’s elegance. The Art Deco lighting, the incredible redwood walls, reputedly garnered from a single redwood tree, and the erotic paintings. “Are those real Klimts?’ I asked about the magnificent framed artwork on the high-ceilinged walls. The answer is “yes.“ The paintings are original works created by Gustav Klimt’s students under his tutelage. During the Redwood Room’s recent renovation, the paintings were uncovered on-site and have been painstakingly restored and re-hung.

Glimmering with glamour and Art Deco decor, newly infused with 21st-century amenities, the Redwood Room is a San Franciso institution dedicated to welcoming guests from all over the world. Following Gelfand’s musical advice, we spent the evening and recommend you do too. Call ahead for information on when Josh Gelfand is playing and for other musical events.

The Redwood Room. 495 Geary Steet, San Francisco, CA 94102. Just past the lobby inside the Clift Hotel. For reservations, please email or call 415.929.2372.