Bay Area Travel Writers 2017 publication Taste of Travel, Cover Photo by Rhonda Gutenberg.

Bay Area Travel Writers publishes Taste of Travel

By Lee Daley

Taste of Travel News: Reading the latest publication by the Bay Area Travel Writers put me in the mood for a meal on the road. Titled Taste of Travel, the anthology features 36 culinary focused travel articles from Bali to Brittany, Paris to Perkins Cove and points in between. The beautifully illustrated hard copy sells for a little more than $20 but you can download a free pdf version online- no strings attached- at the organization’s website where you’ll find a link to accommodate the easy purchase of both the book and the pdf at: We’re proud to report that five Travel Examiner writers are featured in the Taste of Travel anthology. Here are links and descriptions to the five articles.

Progressive Supper by  Jacqueline Harmon Butler: “Ernest Hemingway called Paris a “moveable feast” and I have always agreed with him.”...(Click here for the Travel Examiner article.)

Paris progressive supper, Eiffel Tower
Oh Paris — how could any city be more beautiful than you

Barge Cruising on France’s Canal du Midi by Carol Canter. “Floating by barge through France’s canal-laced countryside underscores the pleasures of dining on meals prepared from fresh, locally sourced ingredients”…(Click here for the Travel Examiner article.)


Taste of Travel, Cruising France's Canal du Midi, Canal barge tours, Canal barge Anjodi, Canal du Midi, Toulouse, France
Anjodi Alfresco Dining (Photo: Carol Canter)

Head “Down East” for Maine Lobster by Lee Daley. “The expletive “get cracking” takes on new meaning when faced with a freshly caught Maine lobster. A culinary challenge worth every crunch”… (Click here to read the full article.)


Taste of Travel, Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, Maine where lobster is king. I ate at Barnacle Billy's for the best seafood and lobster on the coast, Head Down East for Maine Lobster,Bay Area Travel Writers 2017 publication Taste of Travel
Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, Maine.


Don’t Talk Tripe: Porto, Portugal  by Wanda Hennig. “Talking tripe, do you? Eat the blubbery stomach lining of a dead ruminant, I mean.” A version of this article first appeared in the Sunday Tribune, South Africa.  Read the complete article on Page 62 of Taste of Travel 

Ooh la la, Oysters by Stephanie Levin. “They’re culinary conversation stoppers. Those in the know devour them raw.”…This article originally appeared at   Read the complete article in Taste of Travel beginning on Page 66.

Tast of Travel, Oysters, Paris progressive supper,
Fresh from the sea.

Well done, BATW…. Bon Voyage, Bon Appétit and Bon Journée.

Founded in 1984, the Bay Area Travel Writers, (BATW), is a not-for-profit association of professional travel journalists contributing stories to newspapers, magazines, broadcasts, blogs, videos, books, internet publications and travel industry publications. This 2017 publication and its free pdf  (13.1 Mb) adds to the curated collection of travel resources available at the BATW website. It joins the 2015 tribute to the 100 year anniversary of the National Park Service, entitled Travel Features & Photos: California’s National Parks, Monuments, Trails, Seashores and Historic Sites; and the 2014 volume entitled Clips and Pics, a 40 article anthology.

Taste of Travel is available for purchase as a print copy or as a free download:  To learn more about Bay Area Travel Writers, visit


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  1. Good article, Lee! It would be great for more of BATW’s members to get word out about this publication, which is available either as $20 soft-cover, or free as a pdf.

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